Walkthrough Platform Porting

By MC0REBE, 3 years ago
Good morning, afternoon or evening to all!

After some heavy discussions with my Assistant Manager Ackter where coughing and breaks were mandatory due to illness, we've decided that we'll be calling in the help of the community to help port some walkthroughs to other platforms or versions.

In the past, the community has asked for separate walkthroughs instead of linked walkthroughs so they could follow their achievement progression more easily, and by porting those walkthroughs we'll be able to fulfil those requests.

If you would like to help with this process, please be aware of the following:

- Requests to port a walkthrough need to be done in this thread. Similar to Volunteer to write a walkthrough, we'll be handling those request 2-3 times a week to make sure we stay up to date with the thread. If you see a published walkthrough linked to other versions, please also post in the newly created thread so we can update that walkthrough as well.

- Porting a walkthrough you haven't written originally will not qualify you as owner but as an editor. This rule is mandatory to make sure that the owner is still credited for their original role. Instead, the person that ported the walkthrough will have the status of Transformer, and will have the same functions as the owner. On the other hand, porting your own walkthroughs qualify you as the owner of the ported walkthrough.

- Porting a walkthrough does not necessarily require that games related to each other have the same achievement list. This is because some game variants have more achievements. In this scenario, we do however require the Transformer to write a guide for the additional achievements. This achievement from LIMBO is a great example because it wasn't include in the 360 version.

Conversely, when a game has less achievements, we will want you to remove those sections (think about the No Goal for You-achievement which was included in the 360 version, but not in the game for Xbox One).

- We'll be setting a limit to 3 games for each person while porting. This means 3 different titles and not the region- and/or console variations.

Obviously this is a huge undertaking and some overseers on our team will be focussing more on this task than others, but we think that it will help the community greatly in the long run. We can't offer anything more than our thanks if you do offer to help, but I'm sure the community also be hugely grateful.

Also, if you have any ideas for improving our walkthroughs, please don't hesitate to send me a Private Message. I can assure you that all requests are discussed within our team.

I'd like to thank you for reading and for offering to help if you decide to do so!

On a sidenote, we also wish one of our previous Walkthrough Managers drabik the best with his future endeavours. May the force be with him!

MC0REBE - Walkthrough Manager
Ackter - Walkthrough Assistant Manager