White Night Gets Release Date, Trailer, & Screens

By Jonathan Barnes, 2 years ago
Like some kind of a ghost story from an old tale, I hadn't heard much from White Night since June when a junior gumshoe named Marc spilled the sweet beans on the monochromatic third-person game that aims to mix action, exploration and puzzle-solving with the mature tension, challenge and tone of old-school survival horror adventures. In short, I could tell that this game was up to no good, and was willing to bet my cup of coffee and pack of Lucky Strikes that it would turn back up like a bad penny.

I went along my merry business of dealing with lost dogs and dirt bag ex-husbands and not thinking much of it... that was until today, when Osome Studio breezed back into my office and slapped these hot screenshots and trailer onto my desk like they were killing one of the many flies circling my day old danish.

PR 1

PR 2

PR 3

PR 4

PR 5

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but those words don't mean a hill of beans until you dive deep into this cool glass of a trailer.

White Night is set for a release on the Xbox One on March 6th.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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