Duke Nukem Forever Footage From Firstlook

By dropK1CK ninJA,
The first live footage of Duke Nukem Forever, with voice and soudeffects, has been leaked onto YouTube. This comes from the FirstLook convention in Amsterdam to show off Duke Nukem Forever to the general public for the first time.

The video shows of the beginning portions of the game and a huge fight with the cyclops game. If my guess is correct, it appears to take place in the wildly popular Stadium level and it is looking very good.

Warning: Video contains coarse language (expected) and naughty drawings (unexpected!)

Randy Pitchford seems very excited over the game. It appears, by all accounts, to be holding a juggernaut of a game in his company's portfolio now. The feeling is that he will draw sales from all demographics including but not limited to "no way! I can't believe they finish it! I have to purchase this" to the "kick ass game!"

One thing it is missing: the nuclear activity symbol on his gloves.