Shiftlings Gets New Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
When Shiftlings was announced three weeks ago, we revealed that the game's two protagonists would be part of an intergalactic reality show, where their every move is being watched by an eager audience. Now we can reveal the character that will be providing the commentary as the two WePlanet Janitors go about their tasks; meet Zookod.


Zookod is the host of the reality TV show Shiftlings. He can be encouraging to players, or he can poke fun at their failings, which he prefers because he isn't really a nice guy. After all, being nice doesn't bring in high ratings numbers when people like to make fun of others. As the player, you are controlling the janitors. Will you let them succeed, or will you play the part of the audience member that makes fun of the characters in an unfair and slightly cruel way?

As well as providing the basic commentary, Zookod will link players between the different planets while offering background information and other interesting snippets. If you're lucky, you may even get a couple of hints. Check out some of his commentary as the janitors suffer a few mishaps.

Will you be sympathetic or sadistic when the game is released this spring?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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