Izle Screens Get World-Building

By Chewie, 2 years ago
A set of new screens has been unveiled for upcoming terraforming title, Izle. The sandbox RPG grants players with godlike powers via "Shards of Light", allowing them to build up worlds of their own creation. However, those worlds can be destroyed, so players must choose when to instead spend their Shards for defense. Each world can be entirely unique, with the freedom to create hills, dungeons, castles, caves and more.

09/02/15 - Screen 1

09/02/15 - Screen 2

09/02/15 - Screen 3

09/02/15 - Screen 4

09/02/15 - Screen 5

09/02/15 - Screen 6

09/02/15 - Screen 7

09/02/15 - Screen 8

Izle is coming to XBLA and Xbox One in 2016. To see more on the game, check out the original announcement and subsequent trailer.
Written by Chewie
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