Pinball FX 2 New Tables Coming Late February

By Dread Reaver, 2 years ago
ZEN Studios has announced two brand new tables for their arcade parlour classic Pinball FX2, to be released in late February as part of the "Iron and Steel" pack. While a lot of this game's DLC packs have been related to franchises, such as Star Wars and anything Marvel, this new pack contains original in-house themes.

Iron and Steel

The first table in the collection is the Viking themed "Castlestorm", whereby a knight named Sir Gareth must fend off the relentless and unwashed armies of Chief Ramhorn at their stronghold. The table is based on ZEN Studios' action-RPG title Castlestorm. Expect to see some dragons, trolls and even, apparently, an adorable donkey. This table will support single-ball and multi-ball modes.

The second table moves things ahead a few years thematically, to the gun-slinging adventures of "Wild West Rampage". As bounty hunter Cindy, the player will be going head-to-head with Rackton Point's corrupt Sheriff Evans. This one will have players bouncing around a steam engine, flying through saloon doors, getting fired from a six shooter ball locker, and even partaking in duels with Evans' dastardly posse.

The "Iron and Steel" pack will be available on February 24th, and will cost $4.99/€4,99/£3.99.