DW 8 Empires Details, Screens & Videos

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
New details have emerged for game developer Omega Force's upcoming Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, as we learn more on custom scenario and Edit Modes. We also get to check out some new, colourful and violent screens, as well as a couple of new videos.

Besides Edit Mode allowing players the option to create original characters to take with them into the game's Empire Mode, players will also be able to use editing to form a "unique player created unit". The existing Edit Mode has seen new upgrades as gamers will be able to edit "allied soldiers, warhorses, banners" and more. Once your fighter is edited to your satisfaction, why not edit the map itself and make a new scenario. As the game's publisher KOEI suggests, scenarios will allow players to become "a known warrior in the Three Kingdoms, or to choose to live life freely while attempting to rewrite history". The Chinese landscape will be the editors oyster. Choose your location and choose your ruler of each kingdom, as well as changing the "officers" within each kingdom. Lastly, to add the sweet finishing touches, the introduction and title of the scenario is yours to change. There's plenty of details gamers will be able to edit when it comes to making your very own Three Kingdoms world.

We have a very generous offering of screens showcasing different characters fighting on the selection of battlefields on offer, as well the Edit Mode and various Scenarios on offer too:


DW8E Battlefield Screens 01

DW8E Battlefield Screens 2

DW8E Battlefield Screens 3

DW8E Battlefield Screens 4

DW8E Battlefield Screens 5

DW8E Battlefield Screens 6

Edit Mode Characters & Menus

Edit Character Screens 1

Edit Character Screens 2

Edit Character Screens 3

Edit Mode Screens 1

Edit Mode Screens 2

Edit Mode Screens 3

Edit Mode Screens 4

Edit Mode Screens 5

Edit Mode Screens 6

Edit Mode Screens 7

Edit Mode Screens 8

Edit Mode Screens 9

Edit Mode Screens 10


Scenario Screens 1

Scenario Screens 2

Scenario Screens 3

Scenario Screens 4

Scenario Screens 5

Scenario Screens 6

Scenario Screens 7

Scenario Screens 8

Scenario Screens 9

Scenario Screens 10

Scenario Screens 11

Scenario Screens 12

Scenario Screens 13

Lastly, we have two new videos to check out. Both videos showcase weapons in action with the first displaying the devastating results of the Revolving Crossbow. The second video sees the Formation Rod working its magic as it makes quick and easy work of the large number of enemies on screen:

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is set for an Xbox One release on February 27th.
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