Fable Legends Introduces A New Character

By Joshua Rust, 2 years ago
Developer Lionhead Studios are gearing up to release their new ambitious project called Fable Legends. There have been quite a few characters revealed already. These include the assassin, the doctor, and a magician. Today's character reveal is Evienne and she has a big sword and is not afraid to use it!


Here is how Lionhead describes her:
A keeper of legendary sword Brobdingnagian (Brob, for short), Evienne decided that sitting in a lake waiting for a Hero to claim Brob just wasn’t a life she wanted to lead. Hungry for adventure and bored of waiting, she claimed the mighty sword herself and ventured forth into ancient Albion as a self-made Hero.

Don’t let her innocent looks fool you; this Hero is a deadly fighter. Wielding Brob and weaving enormous arcs of destruction while tumbling effortlessly across the battlefield, Evienne makes short work of anything foolish enough to stand in her way. Her prowess in battle isn’t the only thing that may surprise the unsuspecting onlooker; her colourful use of language would make even a Brightlodge dockworker blush.
Fable Legends is still without a release date, but those who want to get an early stab at the game can sign up for the beta - which also doesn't have a scheduled date either.
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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