Sunset Overdrive Releases Title Update 3

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
With Valentines day underway, I'm sure many of us with a partner will be showing plenty of love and appreciation to them today. Sunset Overdrive's director Drew Murray is showing his love in a different way as he celebrates the father-daughter bond between himself and his four year old Ainsley. Using his position in the Insomniac Games' team, Drew has took a very unique approach of "embedding Easter Eggs" of his daughter's drawings into Sunset Overdrive!

The drawing's act as a set of 12 collectables within the game. Once found, players will unlock a custom outfit inspired by Drew's daughter Ainsley, and also unlock a very tasty 175 gamerscore achievement titled - D'awwwwww. Not a fan of searching endlessly for collectables? Are you about to use one of the four solutions that are already up for the achievement right now? No need! Included in the achievement-adding news is this very handy collectable map!

Title Update 3 Map

Continuing to make earning this achievement even easier, the game developers have even gone as far as making their own video guide for the achievement too.

Title Update 3 for Sunset Overdrive is already live. If you had already found the drawings and unlocked the custom suit, the 175 Gamerscore will be "retroactively" added to your total Gamerscore.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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