Zombie Army Trilogy Gives Us Reasons to Buy

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Developer Rebellion are stepping up their game for the upcoming collection of their zombie-slaying series, which includes a new instalment, as Zombie Army Trilogy closes in on its release for Xbox One. The team behind the upcoming title have detailed seven reasons why players should upgrade to Zombie Army Trilogy with a list followed by a video showcasing the reasons in action.

1. Brand new third campaign: the series comes to an apocalyptic conclusion with five exclusive new missions for 1-4 players across bone-chilling new environments.

2. Two stunning remastered campaigns: feast your eyes on ten missions with updated animations, dynamic physics, and improved lighting, shadows and visual effects.

3. Terrifying new enemy types: face blood-splattered Chainsaw Elites, Panzer Zombies, Armoured Skeletons ... and more!

4. Four new player characters: choose to play as one of four fearless female sharpshooters with their own back story.

5. Tactical zombie dismemberment: now players can liberate zombies from their limbs to slow them down, or stomp on exposed craniums for an instant kill!

6. Challenging new Horde Mode: five dedicated maps with infinite waves of undead and impossibly tense 1-4 player action.

7. Unified online community: team up online and take on any mission, from any campaign in the series. Compare kills with new combos, scores and leaderboards.

Zombie Army Trilogy is set for a digital release on Xbox One on March 6th. A retail version will be available in "some regions".
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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