Gamesoft Announces Clockwork

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Gamesoft, a game development team all the way from Sydney have made their debut into the gaming world with the announcement of their upcoming platform-puzzler Clockwork.

Clockwork Logo

Clockwork takes place in a mechanical city of Watchtower where a great plague has run through the world and remaining survivors have scrambled for shelter "within metal walls and metal bodies". With the less fortunate being stuck in the "industrial slums below" and the others high up in the "gleaming towers above", players will find that this plague-ridden city has been divided.

Clockwork Screens 8

Clockwork Screens 7

A boy known as Atto and his "clockwork companion" Milli are the two main characters of the title. Atto can use the power to duplicate himself thanks to Milli. With this interesting power in mind, the range of different puzzles will be pretty impressive. Will you be able to use two of the same character at the same time to complete multiple tasks?

Clockwork Screens 6

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The title's lead writer Daniel McMahon gives us a small overview of the story, and also asks us a very interesting question the element of time:

Clockwork is a story about unlikely friends coming together to try and fix an imperfect world in a time-bending puzzle-platforming adventure story. We want to ask players the question: What if you could go back in time, to before everything changed?
Clockwork Screens 3

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Clockwork Screens 01

A reveal trailer has also been released. The video gives us a sample of the puzzles, platforming, and unique simultaneous situations to come:

Clockwork is currently scheduled to release on Xbox One later this year.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Clockwork achievements.
Ashley Woodcock
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