The Frost Moon Rises in Terraria

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
An update was released recently for the console variants of the Engine Software developed Terraria. Included in the update was the release of the Frost Moon, "the second of the two 'Moon Invasion' events in the game". This event sees players putting their Terrarian built skills to test as they square off against hordes of ice-cold and frozen monstrosities in their search for challenge and loot.

As well as a few screens, the game's publisher 505 Games detailed the changes, fixes, new items, and new enemies within the update. Check out the lengthy list to see exactly what's in store:

New/changed mechanics/bug fixes:

- Any sand block can be used to create glass
- Changed any wood recipe tooltip ('Any wood' instead of enumerating all wood types)
- Fixed allow obtaining the disco ball from merchant and jungle wall from Dryad
- NPCs will now seek shelter during Solar Eclipse events
- Between 15 and 31 dec, xmas themed zombies, slimes and bunnies will spawn
- +1 Music track for the Frost Moon Event
- Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
- Properly convert mannequins with console exclusive armor and vanity items in games from pre-christmas saves
- Recover Dragon Mask, George’s tuxedo shirt and Fabulous slippers on mannequins in christmas saves
- Added new trophy decarations
- Added Frost moon event

New items:

- Christmas Tree Sword [weapon]
- Festive Wings [accessory]
- Razorpine [weapon]
- Christmas Hook [item]
- Chain Gun [weapon]
- Baby Grinch’s Mischief Wistle [summon item/pet]
- Everscream Trophy [furniture]
- Ice Queen Trophy [furniture]
- Santa-NK1 Trophy [furniture]
- Elf Hat [vanity]
- Elf Shirt [vanity]
- Elf Pants [vanity]
- Naughty Present [Frost Moon event summon item]
- Elf Melter [weapon]
- Blizzard Staff [weapon]
- North Pole [weapon]
- Snowman Cannon [weapon]
- Giant Bow [vanity]

New enemies:

- Present Mimic
- Gingerbread
- Zombie Elf
- Nutcracker
- Yeti
- Everscream
- Krampus
- Flocko
- Elf Copter
- Ice Queen
- Santa-NK1
Terraria Update Screens 01

Terraria Update Screens 2

Terraria Update Screens 3

The update is already live and being enjoyed in both console versions of Terraria.
Credit for this story goes to Daeryoon
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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