New Naughty Bear DLC

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
We did a brief article on the next batch of Naughty Bear DLC prior to the site going down. This article has now sunk without trace it would seem, but the DLC has arrived on schedule.

If you hadn't guessed by now, the new Chapter 9 DLC is decidely pirate themed, and plunges Naughty Bear into new naughty action and nautical challenges.

Filled with exclusive hidden treasures, deadly weapons and brutal buccaneers, Chapter 9 serves up four new challenges to swashbuckle while taking up arms against baddie bears and their leader, Admiral Giggles, as well as The Pirates and their leader, The Great Bear Beard.

To commend their efforts in combat, Chapter 9 players can dress Naughty in his own version of the Pirate Bear costume or even assume the identity of The Great Bear Beard, find two new hats and collect the lethal cutlass, with unique ultra-kill capabilities.
The DLC is priced at 400MSP and available now from the link below.