Fable Legends to be Free to Play

By Michelle Balsan, 2 years ago
Last month, Lionhead Studios confirmed that not only would its upcoming action-RPG, Fable Legends, be coming to Windows 10 PCs, but it would also feature cross-platform play. This means that Windows 10 and Xbox One players would be able to interact with each other irrespective of their platform of choice.

Today, the developer has revealed that Legends will be free to play, and that they're developing the game in such a way that is "Open, Fair, and Generous" to players. What this means is that the entire storyline and any items or gear necessary to gameplay will be available without paying any money. Also, the studio promises to deliver frequent updates to keep the game fresh.

Free to play

Every task that players accomplish, whether they choose to be a hero or a villain, will earn them silver coins. Silver coins can be used to purchase everything that will make them or their creatures stronger. In addition to silver coins, gold coins may be purchased using real-world money, and those coins can be used to purchase many of the items available to people choosing to stick with silver.

Along with the free-to-play news comes details about how heroes, and villains creatures will be affected by in-game currency.


While there will be a wide variety of heroes to choose from, there will be a rotation of four free heroes at any given time. All stats earned with a hero will remain, even if they go off rotation. If players get attached to a specific hero, they can purchase him or her using silver or gold coins. Any loot found will also be kept, and characters may be customized, as well.

Villainous Creatures

On the Villain side, the use of creatures and traps was detailed. Different areas of Albion will include different creatures, and their allegiance can be purchased using silver or gold coins. Once they are loyal to a player, they can be used for quests. Additionally, trap setting is very important to a villain's success, so they'll need access to tools such as magical healing stones or explosive mines, which can also be purchased with in-game currency.

The launch date for Fable Legends is still yet-to-be-determined, but eager gamers are encouraged to sign up for the beta to have a shot to give the game a try before release.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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