We Happy Few Announced

By Chewie,
Indie developers Compulsion have announced their next title will be We Happy Few, a game set in a "retrofuturistic" version of 1960s England in which the populace of Wellington Wells lives in a state of enforced jollity through the use of psychotropic drugs and creepy smile masks. Compulsions's previous title, 2013's Contrast, which made the leap to the One after a successful run on the 360, featured unique gameplay mechanics and an engaging story. It looks like they're hoping to replicate that success in We Happy Few as players are tasked with blending in with the "happy" people who don't respond well to rule breakers.

Check out the announcement trailer and images below.

Uncle JackUncle Jack



Village Lighting ConceptVillage Lighting Concept

A WelletteA Wellette

We Happy Few doesn't have a release date, nor confirmed platforms, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as we know more.

Now remember, put on your happy face!
Written by Chewie
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