Age of Empires: Castle Siege Receives New Features

By Marc Caccamise, 2 years ago
Age of Empires: Castle Siege has received some new features as a result of the release of Patch 1.6. Players can now donate troops to their friends and alliance, which is noted as a top community request. A new defensive structure, the Musket Tower, can also be constructed, and new Grenadier soldiers can be deployed.

Donating Troops
Patch 1.6 #1

Donated troops will be deployed through the Watch Signal as defensive units. Available starting in Age Four, units will spawn, in the order they were donated, on the edges of the map until the battle ends or the Watch Signal is destroyed. Players can receive higher numbers of reinforcements, and will have more reinforcements spawn at once, as the Watch Signal is leveled up.

Musket Tower
Patch 1.6 #2

Again on the subject of defense, the Musket Tower is a new structure to help players better plan out their defensive strategies. Available in Age Nine, the Tower can be set to an attack mode for long-range targets, or defense mode for attackers that are up close.

Starting in Age Seven, players can train this new unit from the Siege Workshop. Grenadiers are effective against towers, siege weapons, and cavalry. As defensive units, Grenadiers can be used for patrol points, on top of walls, and in guard houses.

Diplomacy and Engineering
Starting in Age Four, players can research Diplomacy up to four levels, which increases the duration of peace treaties. Meanwhile, starting in Age Five, Engineering can also be researched up to four levels, which increases the duration of trap effects.

Players can now place Honor items in their inventories, allowing for items you no longer want to use to be held in storage.
Marc Caccamise
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