[Reminder] More Free Stuff from Rockstar

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
To show their appreciation for all the support and hard earned dollars you've spent on Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games will be offering the upcoming Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack for absolutely free.

The new pack will contain two new outfits and new challenges to go along with them. The Savvy Merchant, will allow the wearer to purchase guns and ammunition from any gunsmith for half the cost, and the Expert Hunter, will be able to acquire twice as many pelts and hides.

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Additionally, a new critter will be roaming the frontier (somewhere in and around Wyoming). Dynamically depicted below...

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...the ever so fearsome Jackalope! shock

More wily than the wiliest of coyotes, and so ferocious that it makes a grizzly look like a kitten. So elusive, that it has only been hunted twice in known history. Once by former President Ronald Reagan and by some bloke who runs a diner near Death Valley. True story, really!

The Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack will also include a compatibility update that allows players who do not have the Liars and Cheats Pack and/or the Legends & Killers Pack the ability to see other players that do who are playing as characters from Red Dead Revolver or the Red Dead Redemption single player story.

The Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack will be available for download on XBox Live, Tuesday, October 12th, 2010.
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