PSA: Renew Gold Now, Get Discount AND 1600 MSP

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Microsoft continues its blitzkrieg to secure your Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for the next year before the price hike is set to go into effect. The latest offer is available on your dashboard:

External image

(Thanks to 360Junkies for the picture.)

That's right, enter into the auto-renewal option for Xbox Live Gold subscription and you will get 1600 MSP for a 2 year subscription. This packaged deal is a 15% savings brought to you by Microsoft. There is also a one year discounted package available, as well.

The discount is also available in the UK at £67 for locking in 2 years of Gold service.

Word is that Canada does not get this offer. Sorry.

Head over to your Spotlight blade on your dashboard and find the offer there.
Credit for this story goes to AndyLSimmons