ID@Xbox Goes to GDC Part 1

By Rebecca Smith,
Last year at San Francisco's Game Developers Conference, Microsoft debuted some of the first titles to be confirmed for their ID@Xbox program. In total, 25 titles were revealed. This year, Microsoft has decided to outdo themselves. They're in San Francisco again for the same conference, only this time they've decided to announce or confirm 54 upcoming ID@Xbox titles.

While we had previously covered the following titles before, we didn't have any confirmed platforms to announce. Microsoft has now confirmed that Beyond Eyes, Inside My Radio and Super Dungeon Bros are all arriving on the Xbox One in the future. While Beyond Eyes is due to be released this year, we're yet to get a release window for the other two titles.

Microsoft also reaffirmed that these titles are still in development and will be heading to the Xbox One through ID@Xbox. Click on the links to see our previous coverage of the titles:

Adventures of Pip
Blues & Bullets
Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey
Earthlock: Festival of Magic
Gear Gauntlet
Goat Simulator
Knight Squad
LA Cops
Mighty No. 9
Quest of Dungeons
R.B.I. Baseball 15
Rivals of Aether
Soul Axiom
Tower of Guns

Those of you who have been keeping count will have realised that this leaves 33 titles still to be mentioned. All of these titles are new announcements for the Xbox One. Now, like last year, we decided that we would actually do some legwork and present you with some information on each title if at all possible, rather than present you with a bog-standard list of games that is likely to mean nothing. Due to the increase in the number of new titles, we've been forced to separate the article into three parts. Here are the first 11 titles:

1) Anarcute

AnarTeam's first title for the Xbox One places players in charge of a group of rather cute rioters as they take on the might of the evil forces that are now controlling the capital cities of the world. Can you restore peace?

Of course, you'll need to defeat the riot police if your protest is to be successful, but they've got body armour, tear gas, sniper rifles and other equipment that you can only dream about, so you have to improvise. Any of the street furniture can be used as a weapon, be it traffic cones, street lamps, bus shelters or exploding cars. If necessary, you can even take down entire buildings. By the time that you've destroyed a city, though, is it really worth saving?

Screenshot 1There are at least 15 varieties of rioters

Screenshot 2Taking the riot to Paris

Screenshot 3Greenpeace will not be amused

2) Aritana and the Harpy's Feather

This platformer tells a tale inspired by the Indigenous culture of developer Duaik's native Brazil. Deep in the forest lives a tribe of warriors led by the Chieftain, Tabata. A Forest Spirit has possessed Tabata and made him very ill. While the tribe's Wiseman, Raoni, can undo the spell, he must perform a ritual that needs one vital missing ingredient: the feather from a rare harpy called Uiruuetê. Players take on the role of Aritana, who has set out to obtain the feather. The problem is that the feather can only be found at the peak of the region's tallest mountain, and Aritana can only reach that mountain if he first travels through the treacherous lands that are home to the man-eater Mapinguari.

Duaik's new title is a platformer with a bit of a difference. Gamers will have to concentrate on Aritana's posture, because this defines his speed, his jump ability, his attacks and his special abilities. If you're to successfully overcome the Spirits of the Forest, you need to choose between postures, learn new moves and abilities, and put these together in combos. The Mapinguari doesn't like intruders, though, so you'll constantly need to evade him too because he's a tough beast to conquer.

Screenshot 1"Upgrade the Shaman's Staff with new Attacks and Special Skills."

Screenshot 2"Run through different scenarios such as tropical forests, underground caves and the Uiruuetê's Mountain."

Screenshot 3"Create Combos to help overcome the most difficult obstacles."

3) Bedlam

RedBedlam's first-person shooter is based on a novel by British author Christopher Brookmyre. Players take on the role of Heather Quinn, a programmer at Neurosphere, which is a medical scanning developer. Somehow, she finds herself transported into the world of Starfire, a FPS from the 90's that she played when she was a teenager. Heather doesn't know how she got here, but she knows that she needs to find her way home. Leaving the world of Starfire, Heather must travel through a series of interconnected game worlds that document the evolution of video games and, in particular, the FPS genre.

As you may have seen from the trailer, Bedlam will task gamers with surviving a variety of FPS games inspired by similar titles from the 80's and 90's. Here is just an example of three of those in-game titles:

Chilli ChomperChilli Chomper

Death or GloryDeath or Glory


4) ClusterPuck 99

PHL Collective's ClusterPuck 99 is a competitive arena-based e-sports title played between two teams. Players must bash their opponents to take control of the puck, which must then be placed within their opponents' goal. Not only must you avoid the opposing players, you need to avoid the arena's spikes and traps, while making use of its bumpers and speed boosts.

The game has over 20 arenas in which players can do battle, including some that are exclusive to the Xbox One. You can also create your own levels in the game's new level editor. Local support is provided for up to eight Xbox One controllers.

Turn AroundThere are simple levels...

Concentric...Concentric levels...

Close Up...and levels where death lurks at every corner.

5) Draw a Stickman: EPIC

Hitcents' Draw a Stickman: Epic is a title that tasks players with drawing their own character before guiding him through a world of puzzles and danger. Use an assortment of pencils to draw the elements, tools and weapons that you will need to succeed, but be careful that you don't draw your way into danger.

Different routesThe game offers different routes

BeesHow will you get past the bees?

ZombiesFor those suffering withdrawal symptoms, here are the zombies.

6) The Flame in the Flood

Developer The Molasses Flood is tasking players with surviving a rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of America. The first rain has fallen and the gathering clouds indicate that floods are on their way. Players assume the role of Scout who has strapped her belongings to her raft and is setting out for higher ground, along with her faithful hound Aesop. You'll need to search for supplies, craft your tools, cure your afflictions and evade the unfriendly wildlife. All the while you are doing this, you must stay ahead of the storm.

The one thing to bear in mind is that you only get one life. If you die, so does your adventure. You go back to the head of the river and you start your journey all over again. The only small mercy is that Aesop will return with you, and he'll still be carrying the supplies that he was carrying at the time of your death. Will you make it to the end?

River JourneyIt may be a "lashed together junk pile", but if you look after your raft, it can take quite a lot of abuse and still keep floating.

MapThe river is long, winding and uniquely procedurally-generated. Inspiration is taken from places like the Everglades, Mississippi Delta and Louisiana Bayou.

InventoryThe land provides plenty of supplies, as long as you know what you need and what you can create from your inventory.

7) Fortified

While Clapfoot Games' Fortified may be a strategy game at heart, it also combines third-person shooting with base defence game mechanics. Players must defend their city from waves of "sky scraping robot invaders" and a plague of flying saucers. If this sounds like it's reminiscent of classic 1950's sci-fi films, that is because that is exactly what the developer is aiming to achieve.

Not only can you fortify your base with an entire network of defensive structures, you can also train and command units on the battlefield. The game's weapons vary from Cold War era weapons to experimental Martian technology. You can choose one of four character types inspired by pulp fiction archetypes and, if you don't fancy facing the threat on your own, you can form a team of up to four players to take on the enemy co-operatively.

Screenshot 1Invasion of the Saucer Men

Screenshot 2Have Rocket, Will Travel

Screenshot 3Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere

8) Grabbles

As the game's name might have suggested, Noble Whale places players in the role of a Grabble. A Grabble is a creature that has two sticky appendages that it must use to grab onto surfaces to maintain its momentum or change direction. If you're thinking something along the lines of Bionic Commando, you're not that far off.

The game's story mode tasks players with travelling through a range of environments, such as floating mountain ranges, mushroom forests and organic caverns. Meanwhile, the local and online multiplayer modes accommodate up to eight players locally and more online in a fight to the death.

Screenshot 1I'm willing to bet that this organic creature isn't friendly.

Screenshot 2First there was nothing. Then there was Grabbles. Now they're trying to kill each other.

Screenshot 3Race against your friends or any time from the online leaderboards

9) Hyperdrive Massacre

The first of two titles from 34 Big Things, Hyperdrive Massacre is a competitive multiplayer title that pits players against each other across six game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing and Spong. Choose your spaceproof muscle car and your crew before entering the arena in this "80s inspired arcade fragfest".

The developer recommends that the game is best enjoyed in local multiplayer, which supports up to four players. If you can't find a friend, the game also includes "viciously challenging AI". Battle across eight unique arenas, choose from 16 vehicles and crews, and use the nine instant power-up weapons to claim victory.

Crew selectionChoose your crew carefully. Each has their own wacky traits.

Death RaceRacing to the death.

DeathmatchI'm not sure what this mode is, but it definitely contains death.

10) The Little Acre

Pewter Game Studios' point-and-click title puts players in the role of Aidan, who lives with his daughter Lily in 1950's rural Ireland. When Aidan enters the workshop that once belonged to his father, he is transported to the fantastical world of Clonfira. He must use his father's inventions to make his way back home. The catch is that Lily has armed herself with a wooden sword and her loyal companion and has entered Clonfira herself to try and rescue her father. Will she also find her way home?

Screen 1Aidan arrives in Clonfira

Screen 2Times are hard on the farmstead

Screen 3The game switches between side-scrolling and isometric perspectives.

11) Luna's Tale: The Curse of the Forgotten Doll

Maestro Game Studio's platformer tells the story of Luna, a teenage girl who received a doll, Proserpina, for her 5th birthday present. Although she loved the doll for much of her younger years, Luna is now more interested in boys, particularly one called Elathan. Unfortunately, Proserpina doesn't like being ignored. While her magical properties previously lay dormant, her jealousy of Elathan has caused her to use her powers to turn everybody around Luna into dolls. Luna's journey will take her though five unique worlds, each of which has their own enemies and challenges. Will she succeed?

Part two will bring another 11 titles revealed at GDC so stay tuned!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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