Observer Mode Coming to Evolve

By Lexley Ford, 2 years ago
2K Games and Turtle Rock have announced that a new "Observer Mode" will be released for Evolve as a free update that will give players the tools required to observe and add commentary to the game. In custom matches with one to five players, an Observer can be added to the game using the Hunter/Monster selection screen. This additional player can then use "Observer Mode" to sit back and enjoy the action or livestream and commentate on the match.

In "Observer Mode", you’ll be able to switch views between Hunters and Monster, rotate the camera to observe the action from any direction and view detailed information such as the current perks being used or expected survival odds using a custom HUD. In addition to this, and possibly more importantly, if a player has chosen to play as Maggie, you can switch the camera to follow her Trapjaw companion, Daisy.

Want to see how it all works? 2K’s DB Sinclair and Scott James take us through a full match using "Observer Mode" in the following video:

"Observer Mode" for Evolve will be available for free sometime in the near future.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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