Dead Rising 2 Costume DLC Packages

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Capcom announced today the upcoming release of some costumed DLC packages. There will be four packages will become available one at a time over the next month.

Psychopath Theme Pack: Available October 12, 2010
This costume will allow Chuck to dress up as something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Becoming more macabre will give Chuck insight on how to slaughter more zombies with chainsaws, cleavers, axes, and more.

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Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack: Available October 19, 2010
Chuck takes a step back into the 1980's when there was no man more of a man than an action man! Dressing up like Rambo will provide Chuck with double ammo, increased shooting accuracy, more firepower, and headshot accuracy over "normal" Chuck. This costume also unlocks a new ability with automatic weapons allowing Chuck to spray zombies with a "hail of bullets."

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Sports Theme Pack: Available October 26, 2010
Like every red blooded American out there, Chuck is a sports fan. A huge sports fan. While showing off his team spirit, Chuck's damage will increase with sports-themed weapons. Also sports weapons that contain a projectile (i.e. the aluminum bat) will noticed a number of increased ball bounces before the ball settles to the ground, allowing Chuck to kill more zombies with each swing of his weapon. Finally, Chuck tries to emulate his favorite linebacker, trying to take the head off of the quarterback, with his new "ultimate blitz" ability.

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Ninja Theme Pack: Available November 2, 2010
The ninja costume will allow Chuck to sneak around zombies with his new "stealth mode" helping him navigate tight spaces clogged with zombies. He will also have increased damage with sword-type weapons, and those same weapons will have new special attacks unlocked for them. Stackable items and throwable items will also do more damage with Chuck's increased throwing speed.

Each new costume package will cost you 160MP/$1.99.