Dragon Age: Origins Saves Importable to DA2

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
I once had a silly dream where I would be able to transfer my Dragon Age: Origins character into it's upcoming sequel, Dragon Age 2, and be able to continue the adventures of Spencer, my ineptly named elf rogue. Stupid, right?

Well not all hope is lost, at least. Speaking to NowGamer, lead designer Mike Laidlaw shared that while you wouldn't be able to import your character directly, you will be able to import the "world" of that character. Basically, that means that the decisions that your character made will carry over, whether that meant you sided with the (spoiler) or the (spoiler), you'll see the consequences of your actions in Dragon Age 2.

As always, you don't NEED a Dragon Age: Origins save to play the sequel, but if you WANTED to, you can always pick up the recently announced Ultimate Edition, which comes with every little bit of DLC ever made for the game. The Ultimate Edition will be available on the 26th of October.

Dragon Age 2 will hit retail shelves on March 8th and March 11th, for North America and Europe respectively.