Buy DJ Hero 2, Get DJ Hero 1 Free

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
Did my Vanquish/Bayonetta deal not satisfy you? Or were you simply just waiting for a better deal to come along to make you put down your hard earned cash?

This might be right up your alley, then. For those of you who plan on purchasing DJ Hero 2 may want to spring for either the turntable bundle or the party bundle, as you'll be gifted a free copy of DJ Hero, for free! And guess what? This deal isn't region locked!

For those of us in Europe, simply purchase either a "specially marked" turntable or party bundle from a participating retailer, and you'll get DJ Hero for free! As simple as it may sound, it may be similar to what Activision did with Guitar Hero 5, where you had to mail in proof of purchase and the sticker included with the original packaging in order to receive Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

The deal isn't as lucrative here in the United States as it is in Europe. In order to get DJ Hero, you have to pre-order the Party bundle from Walmart. You can ONLY get the freebie from Walmart, pre-order from anywhere else, and you'll wind up with either a tote bag, an MP3 download, or a hard shell case.

With the two games combined, you'll have about 170 mixes at your fingertips to feed your need to scratch. You can check out the list of mixes on DJ Hero 2 here, download the demo here, and be ready for DJ Hero 2 to hit store shelves on October 19th and October 22nd for North America and Europe respectively.
Credit for this story goes to PartyinthaHouze