Game Stats Panel Update

By Rich Stone, 2 years ago
Hey TA'ers!

I don't like more than a week to go by without adding something to the site, so today we've put live some changes to the Xbox One stats section on Game Pages.

When the Xbox One first launched and we were given access to these new stats, most games only had one or two of them, so I put them just under your score for the game along with the number of achievements won etc.

Developers have been adding more and more of these stats recently, and we've got to the stage where that section was looking incredibly messy:

Previous messy stats sectionPrevious messy stats section

We've decided to move the gamers individual game stats into the existing stats panel on the right:

New stats area adds your stats and positionNew stats area adds your stats and position

If the gamer's not in the top 3 for the game you'll see a break and then their stat value and their position on the site. If you have the game then your score will also be shown in green.

We've also changed the links so rather than going to the gamer page they will now go to that gamer's scores for that game. Note: These stat leaderboard positions are updated every 8 hours.

This has also allowed us to tidy up the summary area, moving the first played, completion and play time to the same line:

New summary areaNew summary area

We hope you agree it's much cleaner like this!

Platform/App/Games changes
Some of you may have noticed your achievement and game counters being pretty inconsistent over the previous 3 days. We've been pushing out the rest of the platform changes and bug fixes and there were a few places that we had inconsistent code.

I want to apologies for this, we didn't test the new code as well as we should have done, but with the latest update we think pretty much everything is correct. You've even got a new App counter on your homepage that links through to your apps!

Have a great weekend
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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