R.B.I. Baseball 15 New Features Detailed

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
When R.B.I. Baseball 15 was announced last month, developer MLBAM wanted to make it perfectly clear that there would be a lot of improvements over the previous year's iteration of the newly-revived franchise. Now we have some more details as to what players can expect from the upcoming game.

Baseball fans like stats, so MLBAM has introduced stat tracking to R.B.I. Baseball 15. There are visible statistics for batting average and on-base percentage while the player is batting. The pitcher also gets on-screen statistics. Every player that is on the field will have his stats tracked throughout the game and the entire baseball season. Player ratings are "more fleshed out" so that you can see how the players compare to the rest of the virtual MLB in team, player and season league leaderboards. There will be over one thousand active Major League players in the game's roster database.


The 16-man R.B.I. rosters will return, but gamers will also have the opportunity to set an active 25-man roster too. This means that you can change your batting order or pitching rotation at any time.

By far the most requested feature was online multiplayer, which will offer both friendly and ranked games. If you don't fancy taking on human players, you can take on the AI at three different difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard - as opposed to the single difficulty presented by last year's title.

While the game's graphics have always taken on an exaggerated feel, they are improved. Human players have been motion-captured to provide better player animations. The ballparks have been completely redesigned for all 30 franchises. Each of them will have its own distinct design characteristic, like "Boston's Green Monster, Chase Field's swimming pool, Citi Field's Home Run Apple, California Spectacular in Anaheim, the ivy at Wrigley Field, Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, guest-room windows at Rogers Centre, Tal's Hill in Houston and the fountains at Kauffman Stadium".

Finally, there will be a lot of other improvements that will be made to improve the game's overall experience. This will include tweaks like ball drop physics and base throw button mapping.

Will these improvements be enough to make you pick up the title when it is released later this year?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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