King's Quest Gets New Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
King's Quest may well suggest that it fits in well with a series of adventure games that began in 1984, but the upcoming title from The Odd Gentlemen is neither a reboot nor a sequel to any of the previous eight titles. Instead, it should be treated as a reimagining of a series that disappeared back in 1998.

The new title tells the story of Sir Graham, who is the game's protagonist and narrator. He is telling his granddaughter, Gwendolyn about his past adventures. Players will be told simultaneous stories from different times in Sir Graham's history and they will have to solve puzzles and interact with the world to be able to relive his past.

Screenshot 1

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The game is designed to be played by families, both children and adults. This means that, while Sir Graham will be able to die in the game, there are no dead-ends or chances of failure. Every unfortunate situation will result in the player being able to try again... and again.

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The game's design has been inspired by the legacy left behind by the original series' creators Ken and Roberta Williams, the couple who originally founded Sierra Entertainment. Previous titles built "a pyramid of sorts between art, story, and gameplay". The Odd Gentlemen is also aiming for this balance.

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Join Sir Graham and Gwendolyn in their adventures when King's Quest is released this Autumn.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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