How Will Cross-Saves Work In Borderlands: THC?

By Joshua Rust,
Vault Hunters, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is getting closer to its release and your return to Pandora. If you have played the two games in this collection on the Xbox 360, you will be able to transfer your save within the same console family. But what exactly will transfer over? We have the answer for you!

First off, in order to use a save from the previous generation console, you'll have to download a patch which will enable you to do that. This patch should be available to download later this week. After doing that, follow these steps as listed by Gearbox Software:

1st - Ensure all versions of the games are up to date with the latest patch (old-gen and new-gen) and you are connected to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.
2nd - From the main menu of the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of BL2 or BL:TPS, choose the “Cross Save” (PlayStation consoles) or “Cloud Save” (Xbox consoles), then “Upload Save” function.
3rd - Once the save has been uploaded, choose “Cross Save” or “Cloud Save” then “Download Save” from the main menu of the PS4 / Xbox One Handsome Collection game for which you’re downloading the save.

IMPORTANT: Only one save may be uploaded at a time. If you have multiple saves to transfer, upload one save, then download it in the Handsome Collection, then repeat the process for successive saves.
Here are a few notes to keep in mind when transferring your saves:

•The Xbox family of systems can only move saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and not the other way around.
•Uploading a save does not remove it from the original system, it only creates a copy of the save on the network.
•Players will need the day 1 patch for the Handsome Collection in order to download saves.
•Players will also need the most recent patch installed for PS3 / Xbox 360 in order to upload saves.
Now what exactly carries over to The Handsome Collection? Here's your list of things you will be able to transfer over:

•Character level and all mission progress
•Badass Points (all of these will transfer, but you’ll get to re-spend them)
•Backpack inventory
•Weapon slots
•Cash and Eridum/Moonstones
•All unlocked character customizations (heads/skins) ***note that customizations obtained from Telltale’s Poker Night 2 will be added in a patch following launch***
•Items stored in the bank in Sanctuary
Also, items stored in Claptrap's Secret Stash in Borderlands 2 will NOT transfer with your save, so make sure you transfer everything that you need to your bank. Achievements/Trophies will not transfer. Your Golden Key balance will also not transfer over. To reward players that have played both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Gearbox will be offering the following rewards once you sign into your SHiFt account in The Handsome Collection for the first time:

Borderlands 2
•75 Golden Keys
•A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
•Bonus character customizations

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
•75 Golden Keys
•A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
•Bonus unique weapons and character customizations

Note: These bonus Badass points can only be earned once and are redeemed instantly upon entering the game. We recommend using the Cross/Cloud Save functionality prior to starting a game in The Handsome Collection to transfer over your account’s Badass Rank. This will ensure that bonus Rank is awarded in addition to existing Badass Rank.
Vault Hunters will be hard at it once again when Borderlands: The Handsome Collection releases March 24th in North America and March 27th in other regions. How many of you will be re-visiting Pandora yet again?
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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