Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Evolves

By Rebecca Smith,
One of the common complaints that I see in the XBL Content Roundups is that a new release isn't worth its asking price. Geometry Wars³: Dimensions was one of those titles. Well, if you weren't convinced about your value for money back then, you may well change your mind now. In less than two weeks, the game will be receiving a FREE title update that will dramatically increase the amount of content that gamers will have at their fingertips.

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Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Evolved will add another 40 stages to Adventure mode, as well as some new gameplay features. There will be new boss battles, new 3D grid shapes and new gameplay types. The Sweeper drone and Detonator super ability will also be making their debuts.

Evolved Boss Battles

Evolved Classic Mode

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If you're one of the people who finds games like this challenging you may be more interested in the revised level gating system. By tweaking the requirements that needed to be met to unlock content, Lucid Games is hoping to make things much easier for players to progress.

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Alternatively, if you like your shmups to be as hard as nails, you'll be more interested in the Hardcore mode. This mode charges players with tackling 20 dedicated levels without the comfort of a drone or super ability. The competitive players will even be able to compare their scores to the rest of the world through the new individual leaderboards.

Evolved Hardcore Mode

With all of the extra content that is included, the game will total over 100 levels for players to conquer. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will be able to download the new content on April 1st. Existing players will be able to download the content for FREE when it is released.

Players who purchase the game after April 1st will instead receive the game and update, titled Geometry Wars³: Dimensions Evolved, at the same price as before (US$14.99 / £13.99 / €14.99 / AU$19.95). Will you be picking up the title?

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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