Shadow Blade: Reload Goes Under the Spotlight

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
One of the many ID@Xbox titles that took a trip to GDC recently has undergone the spotlight treatment courtesy of Xbox Wire. Shadow Blade: Reload is a ninja platforming title developed by Dead Mage that originally made its debut on the Tablet platform. Players will take on the role of Kuro, a ninja who was the only one to survive a dishonourable annihilation from a rival ninja clan. On a mission for revenge, Kuro must destroy the ninjas who destroyed his masters and also "safeguard the ancient relics that protect the world".

To do so, you have to guide Kuro through multiple stages based on a variety of different aesthetic themes. Traditional Japanese dojos are here, sure – but so are vast cityscapes and seedy back alleys. Everything is drawn in a beautiful, manga-esque style, and indeed, Shadow Blade: Reload features interstitial, comic-book-style cut-scenes that tell its story.
The upcoming Xbox One version of the title promises to be rammed with much more content than the original. More levels will be included and each level will have three difficulty options to choose from - either Normal, Hardcore, or Master Class. Rather than the harder difficulties simply presenting harder enemies, each mode will change the original level layout and also introduce specific difficulty challenges too. All in all, the unique content for each level in different difficulty makes for plenty to do.

Playing through the harder difficulties may make you want to take a slower approach. Unfortunately, slow speeds will not be the way forward as the core of the title is all about speed and brutality. Getting through the levels quickly will be the key to success, along with collecting loot and scoring as many points as you can. Killing enemies in style and in rapid succession will score more points. Players will need to be accurate with their timing to chain moves together such as "wall jumps to attacks to dodges to counters".

The title's structure is built on short and sweet sessions. Practicing will make perfect as you go back through completed levels to improve on your previous score by using a better string of moves, "a sharper eye for collections", and/or speeding through the level quicker. The sometimes painful experiences of trying to master levels will be made a touch more pleasurable as the graphics will be colourful and the soundtrack is full of techno style music to keep you going.

Shadow Blade: Reload is "coming soon" to the Xbox One.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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