Giana Sisters: Dream Runners Headed to Xbox One

By Michelle Balsan, 3 years ago
After a successful Kickstarter helped launch Black Forest Games' Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on Xbox 360, the developer then took the time to upgrade and tweak the game leading to the release of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut on Xbox One. Now, the developer, along with publisher EuroVideo, has announced that their latest effort, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, will be dashing onto consoles in the near future.


Unlike the previous Giana Sisters titles, which were traditional platformers, this game aims to capture the essence of titles like SpeedRunners - platform elements are still present but it's speed that is central to gameplay. The game will include five characters - Giana, a Ninja, an Owl, the Knight and a Robot - though only Giana will be available to choose right from the beginning. Up to four players can compete locally or online in races to determine who is the fastest around. Of course, the characters all have access to special abilities they can use to try and get themselves a step closer to victory.

· Dash lets your hero hurry forward like an arrow
· Twirling makes you fly for a little distance, as your hero rapidly rotates around its own axis*
(*do not try this at home!)
· Crouching helps you avoid obstacles by niftily sliding underneath them
· The Gem Boost makes your hero insanely fast for a short duration, but consumes all collected Gems

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 1

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 2

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 3

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 4

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 5

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 6

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 7

Dream Runners 3/22/15 Screen 8

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners will arrive on consoles in "early Summer". We'll be sure to pass along anything more specific as we know it.

We've got the full list of Giana Sisters: Dream Runners achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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