Gear Gauntlet Trailer

By Shaun Lappin, 2 years ago
If you have been eagerly awaiting a frustratingly sweaty palm inducing, twitch-like, reaction-forcing rhythm game, then it could be the case that UK based studio Drop Dead Interactive have got you covered with their debut Indie effort Gear Gauntlet.

Gear Gauntlet attempts to fuse the solid muscle memory and speed required for modern classic platform games such as Super Meat Boy with the plastic button matching accuracy of Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

Much like any decent hardcore game that requires pattern thinking and razor sharp movements, the Lead Developer has previously stated that "you will die a lot." He also mentioned that it is built with a graded system in mind, meaning the "just one more go" thought process is never far behind the nagging feeling that you could probably do a little bit better than last time.

You will be able to test your skills, patience or rage quitting abilities this Summer when Gear Gauntlet is released for the Xbox One.
Shaun Lappin
Written by Shaun Lappin
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