A Bloody Good Time Indeed

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
Fans of the PC game The Ship: Murder Party will be giddy to finally see that the highly anticipated sequel will finally see light of day. Developer Outerlight and publisher Ubisoft have announced that Bloody Good Time will be released for both Steam and XBLA on October 27, 2010.

Bloody Good Time, like it's predecessor, runs on Valve's Source engine and is an eight player online first person shooter that features a wild and wacky cast of characters all competing to impress Director X to garner a lead role in his horror movie.

The game will feature 3 different maps, all sets in a Hollywood studio: beach, casino and horror house. Players will choose from 8 different characters and then kill one and other with a selection of 21 various weapons. A typical assortment of guns, blades, frying pans and uhm... a remote control rat?!?

External image

Bloody Good Time available for download via XBLA, October 27, 2010. No price details have been listed as of yet, but look for an update as more info comes in.

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