The Fall Coming to Xbox One

By Shawn Hoffman, 4 years ago
Over The Moon Games announced that they will be bringing their first game, The Fall, to Xbox One this year. The Fall takes place in a distant sci-fi universe where players will take control of ARID, a female artificial intelligence planted inside of an advanced combat suit. Her pilot is in dire need of medical attention and it's up to her to help save her pilot's life. Players will take on the task of exploring a dark futuristic world that will require some thinking and occasional fighting of the world itself, and its occupants, all while witnessing ARID struggle with her proper protocols.

The game features a rich and promising story as well as a full cast of dignified voice actors. The story is broken down into three separate acts, with the first act possessing over three hours of gameplay. Throughout the game there will be a multitude of adventure-style puzzles available to be solved. The Fall combines the excitement of an action game with the framework of an adventure, while still holstering point-and-click aspects.

Several screenshots and a gameplay trailer were released in company of the recent news.

ARID Checking out a cross

ARID Shooting Guys

ARID Walking at junk

The Fall is set to drop onto the Xbox One marketplace some time this year. There is no scheduled date just yet.

We've got the full list of The Fall achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Shawn Hoffman
Written by Shawn Hoffman
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