Xbox One April Update - Part 2

By Shaun Lappin, 4 years ago
As reported in the Xbox One April Update Details article posted last week, Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) has kept to his word and released further details of the up-and-coming additional content for Preview members in next months update.

In addition to the Party Chat changes, Game Hub links and Achievement improvements, April Preview members can look forward to the following additional content to test and enjoy:

In case you are unable to watch the video above, the updates outlined by Larry are as follows:

• Voice messages

New this month is the No. 1 feature requested in the Friends and Parties area on the Xbox Feedback site, Xbox One preview program members will be able to compose and playback voice messages in the messages app when snapped on Xbox One. Quickly and easily record audio to send to your friends or others through your snapped messages app accessed through a simple quick double tap of the Xbox button.

Additionally, voice messages can be exchanged between Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

• Dedicated servers for party chat

We are committed to continuing to make improvements to party chat, designed to improve quality, reliability, and ease of use. We’re enhancing party chat with dedicated chat relay servers.

This new service will enable Xbox One owners that may have historically had NAT issues to party chat more reliably. Parties where players are unable to form direct peer-to-peer connections for party chat will automatically leverage dedicated server infrastructure to relay traffic.

Currently, this service is only enabled for parties where one or more members are enrolled in the Xbox One Preview program. Those preview consoles enable the service for their party chat sessions, even if some of the party participants are not part of the preview program.

• What’s On

The Xbox engineering team is continuing to experiment with the What’s On area, which highlights popular games, movies, TV shows, game broadcasts and clips. What’s On has been available for preview members in the U.S. and this month, the preview of this feature is being expanded to Canada and the UK as well.

Additionally, the “Staff Picks” are now more personalized based on your recent game activity, and we’re introducing new experiments with Twitter Trending TV, and Game Clips for subsets of the preview audience.

This second wave of the April Updates began rolling out to Preview Members yesterday.

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