Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Operator System

By Devin McIntyre, 2 years ago
Ubisoft has unveiled a new Operator system for its upcoming release of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. This system will allow players to choose from multiple specialists spanning five different special forces units across the world. Each specialist will come with a unique set of skills that adds another layer of tactics onto an already very team focused game. Players will have to decide which team build would be best for which mission, and plan it out with their squad accordingly. With 20 different operators to choose from, this system will give players a chance to decide which operator best suits their playstyle while adding more variety to each mission.

Ubisoft brings us another episode of "Behind the Wall" along with a gameplay trailer to go in depth about the new system.

If you can't view the trailers, take a look at these new screenshots:





There is also some concept art showing off two of the multiplayer maps:

Artwork 1

Artwork 2

Ubisoft also went on to detail both the pre-order bonus for Rainbow Six Siege and the collector's edition. For those who pre-order the game, they will get guaranteed access to the closed beta as well as an exclusive numbered steel book. The collector's edition, titled “Art of Siege Edition”, will give players a collector’s box, a gold skins pack for all in-game weapons and an exclusive 120-page tactical guide along with the game itself.

Collector's Edition

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is set to release some time in 2015 for the Xbox One. Both the game and the collector's edition are available for pre-order at Ubisoft's Rainbow Six site, as is the registration for the closed beta that will begin later this year.
Devin McIntyre
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