Project CARS Reveals First Of Several Free Cars

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
As a largely crowdfunded title, Project CARS has its users built into its DNA. The developers have expressed continuous gratitude toward their fans through frequent updates on the game's long development cycle. A more tangible thank you is coming to the game when it finally does release -- free cars. Slightly Mad Studio isn't ready to discuss the specifics of the add-on content schedule just yet but did say there will be a free car every month to reward fans' patience. The first one is the devilish Lycan Hypersport show below in new screens and a video.

Lykan 2

Lykan 4

Lykan 1

Lykan 3

Clearly they're starting off with a bang. As they said, this will be the first of several free cars released monthly. What other makes and models are you hoping to see in later months?

The game, at long last, releases for Xbox One sometime this May.
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