Gamer Goals Completely Revamped

By Rich Stone,
Several people asked in the comments below for Genre based goals. We have now made a way for you to set a Site Leaderboard Value goal which effectively accomplishes this.

For example, if you wanted to set a goal for 20,000 GamerScore in all Shooters, go to that Site Leaderboard, track yourself in it, and then create a new Site Leaderboard Value goal with a Target of 20,000. You'll get your progress tracked towards this every day!
Original Story
Gamer Goals have long been a favourite feature on TrueAchievements, with well over 100,000 of them being set by our users over the last few years (and over 75% of them being achieved!).

However, it has been a feature of the site that's not really been touched for a while, so we thought it was time we gave it a bit of an overhaul and bring in lots of new options...

To create a new Goal, go to your My Goals page from your menu or just click on the Goals tab on your homepage.

You'll see a new Create Goal button that takes you to the all-new Create New Goal page

The first thing to do is to choose the Goal Type - is it a personal target or a competitive goal?

Choose the Goal TypeChoose the Goal Type

If you choose to make it a competitive goal, you'll need to enter the GamerTag of the gamer you want to challenge or overtake:

Type the name of the Gamer you want to challengeType the name of the Gamer you want to challenge

To make it easier, you'll see your friends appear at the top of the list as you type the GamerTag.

Next, you'll need to choose the Statistic. There's a whole lot to choose from:

Choose from every kind of StatisticChoose from every kind of Statistic

• TrueAchievement Score
• GamerScore
• TrueAchievement Ratio
• Achievements Won
• Challenges Won
• Completed Games
• Games Played
• Site Leaderboard Position (Personal target only)
• Complete Specific Game
• Win Specific Achievement
• Achievement Streak Days (Personal target only)

If you choose a score based target, you can now additionally choose a Platform for the target should you wish to:

You can now choose a specific PlatformYou can now choose a specific Platform

As you select a Platform, you'll see your score and your competitors score (if you've chosen one):

Compare your scores with your rivalCompare your scores with your rival

If you've chosen a specific game to complete or achievement to earn, you'll need to choose the appropriate items - again you just type in the name and matches will appear.

Game race challengeGame race challenge

If you've chosen a Site Leaderboard Position goal, you'll need to choose the particular site leaderboard you are targeting - and this must be one you already tracked on.

Target reaching a specific leaderboard positionTarget reaching a specific leaderboard position

Finally, you can choose a specific date to reach your target or leave them open-ended:

Set a target date if you want to, or leave them open-endedSet a target date if you want to, or leave them open-ended

Once you're happy with everything, click on Create Goal:

Setting goals is now much easierSetting goals is now much easier

This will add the item to your feed, and also create the goal on your Goals page:

Goals show up on your friend feedGoals show up on your friend feed

Goal progress is shown on the My Goals page. Game races will show both your and your competitors game progress, and if you choose to earn a specific achievement that has Xbox One progress tracking, we'll show that too!

Progress information appears on you Goals tabProgress information appears on you Goals tab

Another new feature is that the gamer you challenge will now receive a notification of your goal, and if they accept it will also appear on their homepage and Goals page. If not, they won't see it on their pages but you can continue to track your progress on yours.

Note: Regular registered users can have up to 3 active goals at any time, while Pro Account holders can have up to 100!

We hope you enjoy these new features, we've had a lot of fun writing and testing them.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Yo! Rich here - I was the one that created TrueAchievements back in 2008 as I felt the Xbox Gamerscore system could be improved. The site has evolved massively since then and it's now the biggest and best Xbox community on the planet! Racing games and open world shooters are my thing, but I'll give most genres a go. Except RPGs - those things are evil.