Activision Announces Air Guitar Hero

By Jonathan Barnes, 2 years ago
With the announcement of, many Activision shareholders gamers have been speculating about when we could expect another entry from the Guitar Hero franchise. Today, they wonder no more with the announcement of Air Guitar Hero for the Xbox One.

Leveraging the power of Kinect 2.0, Air Guitar Hero is taking the bold step of removing those plastic instruments from your living room and focusing on what really matters, showmanship. Instead of following the classic, colored note streaks that have become standard with the genre, Air Guitar Hero is going to center its gameplay on bringing energy to each song and shredding out on an air guitar, rather than a plastic one. Instead of rewarding note streaks, the game will use the Kinect to lock in on gamers' faces and bodies and award points for amazing guitar solo faces and stage presence.

stage presence

Taking back reigns of the franchise is Neversoft, who have reemerged from their forced servitude to Call of Duty. Creative Director April Daful is excited to move back to Activision's other cash cow.

The "mooing" sound you hear is us going back to the teat that gamers have been urging us to pull again. We're incredibly excited to remove the skill component from the Guitar Hero franchise and give gamers what they really want: the ability to re-enact one of the greatest scenes in Scrubs history in their living rooms.

No word on a release date for Air Guitar Hero, but it's sure to be a few months away from today, April 1st.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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