Guns, Gore & Cannoli Announced For Xbox One

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
You know how every Italian is in the mafia and loves pastries? The Belgian developers at Crazy Monkey Studios are proudly introducing a new game confirming your prejudices called Guns, Gore, & Cannoli. Inspired by "classic 80’s side-scrolling shooters" (and, you know, those stereotypes we talked about), GG&C pits 1920's Thompson-wielding gangsters against zombies and warring factions in an over-the-top style full of bullets and explosions.

coverGGC 2

In it, you play Vinnie Cannoli as you engage in a turf war throughout Prohibition-era Thugtown. The game also allows up to four player local co-op. GG&C beat out over 100 competitors for Best PC Game at Casual Connect Amsterdam this past February. Though the title comes to PC and Mac at the end of the month, it is also due out on new gen consoles later in 2015.







If you like your images of the game to be like those old-timey picture shows, check out the trailer below.

This is surely the first of many updates on the game as it begins its transition to consoles. Look for more news you can't refuse on TA as development continues.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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