AT&T U-verse Integration Announced

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
Coming to all AT&T U-verse TV customers on October 15th is the ability to watch live television through your Xbox 360. No longer will current customers need to rent an additional receiver at $9.99/mo to get their U-verse services on an additional television. Instead, you can pay a one time installation fee of $55 to turn your console into a U-verse receiver.

AT&T's official press release had this to say:

Using your Xbox 360 as a U-verse receiver, you can receive chat and game invitations from friends through Xbox Live while watching live TV and switch seamlessly from game to TV mode without switching video inputs on your TV screen. You will enjoy virtually the same U-verse TV experience and features available today, including the ability to watch live TV, manage and play back DVR recordings and access interactive apps, your program guide, the On Demand library and more. U-verse TV on Xbox 360 also allows customers to avoid an extra box on their entertainment center and the need to pay a monthly rental fee for an additional receiver.
The service will only work with an Xbox 360 equipped with an HDD, and for new customers, a $99 Xbox kit will be made available that will include a receiver and a software installation to enable your Xbox 360 to receive the U-verse service.

Here's an informative video on the service:

For those not in the know, U-verse is a VDSL service offered by AT&T in various parts of the United States and this news coincided with their big Windows Phone 7 app announcement. See the external link for further details on that.

Just out of curiosity, how many out there use U-verse and what do you think of the services integration with the Xbox 360?