More Infinity Runner Screens and Details Unveiled

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Further details have arrived for the upcoming sci-fi first person title Infinity Runner, which is set to arrive on the Xbox One later this month. Players will find themselves desperate to escape 'The Infinity' spaceship, which has found itself the inhabitant of the last werewolf and a less than friendly crew. Escape will not be easy however, as the seemingly never ending corridors will be constantly changing as the player progresses, with hope lying only with the mysterious voice guiding them and the protagonists basic martial arts skills.

Coming across the unruly guard inhabitants will trigger combat sections, which use a 'dynamic targeting system' that is set to require faster reactions the further the player progresses. Along the way players will be able to assist themselves in getting a new high score by collecting data packets and searching out for pick-ups, with the right pick-up set to turn the hunted protagonist into the hunter.

Alongside this reveal of details, a few new screenshots have also been released, showing off further some of the environments and enemies we saw in the previous announcement article:

3rd April 1

3rd April 2

3rd April 3

3rd April 4

Infinity Runner is set to speed onto the Xbox One on April 22nd for $6.99 / £4.99 / €6.99.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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