Tiny Troopers Headed to Win 8 on April 24th

By Michelle Balsan, 2 years ago
Back when Game Troopers revealed that they would be porting Tiny Troopers (WP), they promised that not only would a Windows Phone version be coming, but we could expect one on Win 8 as well.

Now we can confirm that the Windows 8 version will be releasing for free on April 24th. Additionally, the Windows 8 version will include seven zombie levels that are exclusive to the platform. Unfortunately, the publisher also confirmed that the game is not a "universal build", so progress on the phone version will not carry to the Win 8 version.

In addition to the news about Tiny Troopers on Win 8, a host of updates coming to Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP) were also detailed:

- All currencies unlocked! Access to a lot of new real (and not so real) currencies
- Make it rain like a pro with the new $100 bill (new in-app purchase)
- Get the first bucket for free! (yes, you're welcome)
- New purchase: Forever gold, I want to be forever gold. Do you really want to be gold forever? Forever, and ever
- New tutorials: Meet Mr. Pig Piggington, he will guide you across all the new options in the game
- Take a selfie and share it across social networks!
- Missions: Win money, bribe cards, bucket capacity... by accepting our crazy challenges. New missions are coming!
- Wait, rain on my pictures? Yeah, you can take a photo and decorate them with our mind-blowing scenarios (more soon!). And you can share these pictures with your friends
- New live tiles
- Chinese language updated
- Overall performance improvements



This update is set to go live on April 8th. If you unfortunately ran into the problem of achievements in Make it Rain not sticking to your profile, keep in mind this was something on Microsoft's end that popped up right when the title was released, so it's not something that is likely to be fixed by a patch from the publisher. There was also no word yet as to the Win 8 version of Make it Rain, but we'll pass those details along as soon as we get them.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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