Xbox 360 To Support Up To 2TB External HDDs

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
Although certain game retailers would have you believe the 360 is dying, tempting you with lucrative trade-in offers toward current-gen systems when you bring in your reliable old standby, the truth is that Microsoft's support for the Xbox 360 is still going strong.

A frequently-requested feature by the community, namely support for larger external hard drives, is coming to the 360 by way of the next update. This update will allow the use of up to 2TB external USB hard drives when formatted for the system.

360 Apr 10th

Not only will the new update allow the use of these larger drives, but it will also remove the reserved space previously earmarked by the system for no discernible reason, meaning that if you have a 2TB drive formatted for use, you have 2TB of storage at your disposal.

For the truly space-starved, this means that with those new 500gb internal-storage models, and two external drives connected, you could be sitting on as much as 4.5TB of storage on the venerable old console.

The update is set to release later this year, with members of the new 360 preview program getting the usual early access.
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Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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