Fable Legends - Redcaps Trailer

By Fabrice Henz, 2 years ago
After already unveiling many of the playable heroes Fable Legends, the developers at Lionhead Studios are introducing a new type of enemy in a brand new trailer.

There will be four different classes of Redcaps, along with more regular Redcaps, either focusing on melee or ranged combat. Additionally, there are also the Redcap Banger, a living mine that will get close to the heroes to blow himself up and deal massive damage and the Redcap Lobber that acts as an artillery and lobs bombs at careless adventurers.

The video also goes into detail on the Redcaps' background story as well as how they are being made for the game.

Fable Legends has no set release date and will be released as a Free to Play game on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Don't forget: There is still time to sign up for the Beta on the official website!