Wild Season Console Release On Its Way

By Mark Delaney,
Who knew modern gaming consoles were big enough to house two different farming simulators? Qucikfire Games has announced Wild Season for Steam early access, with a console release to follow sometime this year. In Wild Season, players will move out of the city and into a rural and peculiar town to become a farmer and fall in love. [Insert seed planting joke here.]


Originally revealed last fall, the title has only now been announced for consoles. The story for Wild Season is surprisingly mysterious, and for good reason, says the studio. Even early access users will only be able to play the first spring season of the game and next to nothing is being shared about the full narrative within the game. What we do know is you play a down-on-your-luck city dweller, who takes a big risk and invests your savings into a farm. You plan to move out to the countryside, fix up the farmland, and live a quieter life. It sounds idyllic, but that all changes when you arrive to find the land you bought was never actually for sale and a terrible storm along the way leaves you stranded in town with its many bizarre residents, all of whom seem to be in on a secret — an inside "joke" and you're alone on the outside. If Shirley Jackson wrote more about cornhusking, this would be it.

The commitment to storytelling seems like a nice surprise for a game which, at its core, is a farming and life simulation. On that front, there are several gameplay features players can engage in such as growing crops, racing horses, mining, fishing, attending festivals, falling in love, getting married to either sex, and celebrating holidays. There are 85 different crops to grow, you can make your own beer and wine, breed and care for animals, cook food in real-time, all within what seems like Harvest Moon: Twin Peaks Edition, albeit lighter in tone.

For gameplay video and more story introduction, check out the trailer below.

The console release is slated for release sometime after the Steam and iOS releases are finished, neither of which have release dates of their own yet though they're all expected to arrive in 2015. We'll follow the game's progress, so sit down with a damn good cup of coffee and follow along with us.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Wild Season achievements.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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