New DLC and Free Content Coming to Kalimba

By Fierce, 2 years ago
If you purchased Kalimba last week while it was on sale then you will soon have another reason to be glad that you did. If you didn't happen to take advantage of that deal, you may want to get it now, even at its full price.

Starting next week you will be able to download a new title update that will include Llama mode and Puma mode. Llama mode allows up to six local players to take turns competing in a speed run to see who can catch the highest score. Puma mode will allow you to race the ghost of your friends (on Xbox LIVE) or the AI in order to climb the leaderboards for any of the 30 levels. This update will be free and available to anyone who owns the game.

In addition to the update, two new DLC packs will also be arriving. "Dark Void" will add 10 additional single player levels and "Co-Optimistic" will feature 10 new co-op levels. Check out some of the images provided below for the DLC that will be coming.

DLC Screenshot 1

DLC Screenshot 2

DLC Screenshot 3

DLC Screenshot 4

DLC Screenshot 5

DLC Screenshot 6

The free content update (Llama and Puma modes) and the DLC will both be available for all Kalimba owners on April 22nd. The DLC "Dark Void" and "Co-Optimistic" will be $3.99 individually or $5.99 bundled (or regional equivalent respectively). Anyone who already has the game will be able to download the DLC for free, but only until May 6th.
Written by Fierce
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