Defiance Alcatraz Update Now Live

By Keith Gray,
Trion Worlds' role-playing title, Defiance, is venturing from the East Coast to the West Coast courtesy of a new update titled "Alcatraz".

The latest update brings a plethora of new things to discover. The Rock, an island base that was previously used as a prison, will become a new place of salvation for ark hunters. In addition to the new surroundings, gamers can expect to encounter new enemies, don brand-new costumes, and tackle more Expeditions as a team.

The development team at Trion Worlds has released a launch trailer for the "Alcatraz" content and also provided more information on Alcatraz Island and other elements of the update.


Expeditions are evolving co-op matches that pit you against increasingly tough enemies for ever-increasing rewards. Launching a fresh Expedition transports you into the first Round of your adventure, and defeating a Round gives you access to the next while incrementing the rewards you’ll receive. The best gear in Expeditions can only be found on the third Round or higher – happy hunting and good luck!

Note: Difficulty (and potential rewards) scale with the EGO Rating of your party leader. Click here to learn more.

Alcatraz Island

Long a symbol of order and authority, Alcatraz has become a rallying point for teams of ark hunters running Expeditions against the enemies of man and Votan alike. After each Round of an Expedition, you’ll be transported back to Alcatraz to rearm, regroup, and purchase gear from faction vendors. But don’t dawdle! Once you’ve returned to the drop zone, you only have 30 minutes to resume your run and continue your Expedition streak.

Cyber Rigs

Cyber Rigs connect your nervous system directly with your gear, augmenting your natural abilities and improving your performance with weapons, shields, vehicles, and more. You can power and customize your Rigs with up to 16 Cyber Chips – modular upgrades that add special benefits of their own. Both Rigs and Chips have a chance to drop from Expedition bosses, and the more difficult your Expedition (and the more Rounds you’ve completed), the better the Rigs and Chips become.

Cyber gear piling up? You can break items you don’t need into Silicon Shards, then trade your Shards to a special vendor on Alcatraz offering a variety of new Rigs and Chips!

And More

Enjoy a smooth power curve as you level up to the new EGO Rating cap of 6,000 thanks to behind-the-scenes changes to stat gain (hint: you should see weapon and shield stats increase significantly as you climb through the highest EGO range). Take on the boosted Warmaster to earn new Mk II variant Arkbreaker Weapons, earn more scrip and salvage during events, and more.

We’ve also added lots of new items to the Bit Store including new boosts to increase inventory and consumable capacity, three new Alcatraz themed outfits, refills for grenades, spikes, and stims, and a new Alcatraz Starter Pack.
The "Alcatraz" update is already live, so get yourself over to The Rock!

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