Happy Wars Major Update Incoming

By Ben Terrett, 2 years ago
Happy Wars (Xbox 360) is getting a major update, and Microsoft Studios has unveiled the first details on what to expect. Players will be excited to hear that the update includes a major overhaul for the user interface, especially in regards to item management. Introduced with this update will be Item Remodeling, which replaces the previously limited Item Modification mode. With Item Remodeling, players can now transfer a buff from one item to another, which was previously not possible. Also new is the ability to separate a buff from an item permanently, without the item or buff being destroyed!

The changes above are not all we can expect though. The list below gives a glimpse at other tweaks coming soon:
• We’ve added a Buff Collection. Now you can look up the effects of the buffs.
• The background music has been changed for certain of the menus and stages.
• Happy Spinner will become “Happy Cards Lite”. You are now able to select items for specific attach locations.
• The Quest system has been renovated, integrating Quests and Hero Pop-Ups. Now you can receive a medal by completing a Quest.
• The “Introduction to War” tutorial has been revised.
• The in-game Status screen has been refreshed. You can now review the status of other players in the Lobby and at the Result screen.
• It is now possible to move between multiplayer modes while maintaining the same Party.
• The signboards are improved, allowing you to now navigate directly from the signboard to the various modes.
• “Options” now has settings for display of the game log, of friends’ Gamertags, of allied and enemy army gamer tags, as well as “Friends Wanted” settings.
No release date has been unveiled for this update yet, nor do we have details on the release of Happy Wars for Xbox One. We can expect information on both very soon.
Ben Terrett
Written by Ben Terrett
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