TA Top Five: Difficult Achievements

By Chewie,
A frequent debate here on TrueAchievements revolves around the TA Ratio and what it represents. Although primarily an indication of rarity, not necessarily difficulty, mixed in amongst all the grindy achievements and buggy achievements and Kinect achievements and achievements for very popular new games, are achievements that have a high ratio because they are genuinely very difficult. Anyone who has them should be very proud of their skills. LiopetriBeast wanted to see a Top Five dedicated to some of the hardest achievements on the Xbox so we've delved into the top end of the ratio scale to bring you some of the tough ones. We're excluding those achievements that are "difficult" because they're long grinds (Seriously...), purely luck based (Luck of the Draw) or other factors like those mentioned above. To get these you're going to need skills; buckets and buckets of skills.

Honourable Mentions

Master of Eden - Child of Eden
Shoot to the beatShoot to the beat

Although you could argue that Child of Eden suffers from the Kinect effect of having inflated ratios simply by virtue of being associated with the peripheral, like many Kinetic-related achievements on site, you can actually complete this game entirely with a controller and it's not easier because of it. In fact, it's harder, as the required points for a Gold ranking are higher for controller play than Kinect. To earn this achievement, you must clear every archive (level) whilst achieving 100% purification (killing everything) and getting enough points, on both Normal and Hard difficulties. Success in this requires learning the levels and enemy patterns intimately and also having a great sense of rhythm as the shooting mechanic is inextricably linked to the game's soundtrack. You almost have to achieve a trance like state with the music and your movements, much like being in a '90s rave. With that comparison, I'm not suggesting that psychotropic drugs would help, but I'm also not suggesting that they wouldn't.

Ultimate Battler - Injustice: Gods Among Us
Beat all these heroes and villains with just one health barBeat all these heroes and villains with just one health bar

To become truly great at fighting titles requires lighting fast reflexes and an in-depth knowledge of characters' movesets, strengths and weaknesses to fire off endless combos with ease. Many fighting titles TA contain achievements that would make your average casual brawler run a mile with their pants round their ankles, but NetherRealm's Injustice: Gods Among Us contains one of the tougher ones. You have to clear the 20 Battle Mode challenges, most of which involve you taking on around ten opponents in a row with some kind condition applied, such as reduced health or time limits. Although some of the challenges are pretty doable, two in particular are mega-tough. "The Max" requires you to defeat all opponents with no continues at the highest difficulty. "Impossible" tasks players with defeating all 24 of the characters from the game with a single health bar. Only fighter veterans need apply.

Top Five

5. Gold in all Academy - Virtua Tennis 3
Just one of the difficult challenges you have to pull offJust one of the difficult challenges you have to pull off

To get this toughie you have meet the requirements for each of the game's missions three times, some of which are racket-smashingly difficult to get even once. Challenges usually involve pulling off the same type of shot multiple times in a row so you have to encourage the AI to return the shot in a certain way using precise timing and placement. So, like real tennis then. All that and even the poor English of the achievement name and description make it difficult; difficult to read, that is. Fewer than 60 tracked gamers have managed to grab all the golds and earned the right to call themselves Virtua Tennis masters.

4. Wave 100 - Robotron: 2084
Get through 100 waves of thisGet through 100 waves of this

Robotron: 2084 is a classic shoot-em-up port in which the player must defeat increasingly difficult waves of robots and save humans. This achievement asks that the player make it all the way to the hundredth wave. You know an achievement is going to be tough when the solution (by GrimReaperX4) reads "Getting 200/200 in Robotron is way, way harder than getting 200 in, say, Ikaruga or Super Meat Boy ". Fewer than 30 scanned players have this managed this feat.

3. The Chosen One - Hail to the Chimp
Step one: figure out what the heck is happening. Step two: win. Step three: Repeat. A lot.Step one: figure out what the heck is happening. Step two: win. Step three: Repeat. A lot.

Alongside the Animals' Choice achievement, The Chosen One in party game Hail to the Chimp ranks as one of the toughest out there. To achieve it you have to get seriously good at a range of different minigames to beat opposing candidates in an animal-based presidential election (well, I didn't say these had to be good games). The games are varied so require different skills and range hugely in difficulty. Also, they are heavily weighted against you as the AI is determined that you shouldn't win everything. What's worse is that the common belief is that if you lose one of the games without dashboarding it may cause you to lose out on the whole achievement. Not enough people have made it to the end to be certain, though.

2. Shenanigans! - CloudBerry Kingdom
Don't let the bunny suit fool you. This is deadly difficult.Don't let the bunny suit fool you. This is deadly difficult.

The most recent game on this list, 2013's CloudBerry Kingdom is a platformer that is designed to be damned difficult and rage-inducing. Although the story itself finishes at the lofty 240th level, the player can continue all the way up to level 320, and it only continues to get harder and harder. Although the levels aren't long, they're packed full of brightly coloured, always moving obstacles, where one hit means death. Only a handful of scanned players can claim to have beaten 320. To demonstrate just how difficult this is, here's a video of the game's AI showing how to make it through that last one:

1. The True Tyrant - Deathsmiles

Bullet-hell title Deathsmiles is notorious as one of the toughest games on the platform and a fair few of its achievements could have easily made this list, with many being earned by fewer than 5% of the game's players. The True Tyrant takes the cake though, requiring players to fulfil a number of requirements, mostly involving playing the game at a very high level and not dying as much as possible, which may sound simple but the requirements themselves are actually quite finnicky. And that's just to make the Bloody Jitterbug boss appear. You then have to beat him after beating the regular final bosses, without continuing. If you think that doesn't sound so bad, think again:

At the time of writing only a handful of gamers on the site have managed to achieve this one across the three different versions of the game. If you're among those lucky few, I salute you.

Naturally, there are plenty more tough achievements out there and the concept of difficulty is an entirely subjective experience. Although there's no doubt that the achievements on this list are some of the toughest, each of us will have our own stories about achievements we've earned (or not managed to earn) that were really difficult for us. Let us know about the toughest achievements you've encountered in the comments below.

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Written by Chewie
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