Mayan Death Robots Gets Screenshots and Trailer

By Peter Stojanov, 2 years ago
Sileni Studios brings us some screenshots and a trailer on their upcoming title, Mayan Death Robots. The player vs. player artillery game is inspired by such games as Scorched Earth and Worms! and includes many different playable robotic characters who each possess special skills and powers. You must attack your opponent within a limited time, build defenses, and avoid various hazards that come your way. The gameplay trailer below features two new characters: Huracan, God of the Wind, and boss Tohil, the Molten Fire Beast, who join the cast of mechanized warriors.

Huracan is a playable robot who generates sonic pulses and tornadoes that can re-position foes, while Tohil acts as a boss who surfaces from below, breathes fire, tosses rocks, and moves the earth itself to cause anarchy for both characters. Not only that, but Dustnado 3000 drones have invaded the Campaign Mode in a new event that has you and your foe battling the haywire machines who return your artillery back at you. Will you be fast enough to attack your opponent AND fend off the mighty Tohil with your moves?

Mayan Death Robots 17

Mayan Death Robots 1

Mayan Death Robots 2

Mayan Death Robots 6

Mayan Death Robots 8

Mayan Death Robots 5

Mayan Death Robots 11

Mayan Death Robots 13

Mayan Death Robots 14

Mayan Death Robots 15

Mayan Death Robots 16

Mayan Death Robots 7

Mayan Death Robots 3

Mayan Death Robots 12

Mayan Death Robots has no release date yet, but we will keep gamers updated as more is revealed.
Peter Stojanov
Written by Peter Stojanov
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